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My name is PaulT,

Founder of the The Healthy Entrepreneur.

[Oh, by the way, the T stand for Tuting my last name]

An Entrepreneur is person who creates a

business to improve their world

After more than 30 years being an Entrepreneur I have come to realize that success and being healthy does not come by chance.

Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy thing to do. The pressures that want to tear you down are great. So it makes sense that being healthy is something that is worth making some time for.

It comes by taking determined focus and action.

I have found that just thinking about it is not enough.

The Healthy Entrepreneur is a place where like minded business persons can come together to share and discuss ideas and products that they have found to be helpful and those to be avoided.

To become a healthy Business Person I believe one needs to have a strategy that takes action to improve all areas that effects them: -

  • their mind,
  • their body,
  • and the way they approach their business efforts.

In my search for a healthy way of living and becoming successful in business I have found several products and development programs that I am convinced will give value and aid you in your success.

Take a look for yourself at the products on this site

and give your review on my Blog.

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The Healthy Entrepreneur


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